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Go Stucts Quick Reference

How to declare and use golang struct.

Declaring a struct

type Customer struct {
    ID int64
    Name string

Using a struct

c := Customer{1, "iPax Ltd"}
fmt.Println(c.Name) // Prints: iPax Ltd
fmt.Println(c) // Prints: {1 iPax Ltd}
var cust Customer // Declaring cust as type of Customer
fmt.Println("This is an empty struct: ", cust)
cust.ID = 2
cust.Name = "iPax"
fmt.Printf("Customer name is %v and id is %v\n", cust.Name, cust.ID)

External documentation: fmt package documentation Opens in new window

Declare and fill a struct

var userID int64 = 2
name := "Diggz Ltd"
customer := Customer{
    ID: userID,
    Name: name,

Struct with struct tag

type Task struct {
    Name string `json:"name"`
    Done bool `json:"done"`

Struct with several struct tags

type Task struct {
    Name string `db:"name" json:"name"`
    Done bool `db:"done" json:"done"`

External documentation: Go lang struct tags Opens in new window

Declare a slice of structs

type TaskList []Task

Adding an element to a slice of structs

var taskList TaskList
task := Task{"Hello", false}
taskList = append(taskList, task)

Declare a map of structs

type TaskList map[string]Task

Adding an element to a map of structs

var taskList = make(TaskList)
task := Task{"Hello", false}
taskList["first"] = task